Since I started making music in high school, I've recorded a whole bunch of stuff, and you've discovered much of it.  I'd congratulate you, but I'm not going to.

My goal is to record a concept album about Dinosaurs, because they are neat, and once I've got it recorded, I think I'm going to have it shipped off to be turned into real life CDs that I can keep in my bedroom and marvel at.  For now, though, I'll post demos and other "fan" favorites.  If you want the tab or lyrics, just send me an e-mail.

Alex Storer Sings About Dinosaurs:

Dinosaurs 1 - In which Dinosaurs defeat Kylie Minogue
Dinosaurs 2 - In which Dinosaurs become natural gas
Dinosaurs 3 - In which Dinosaurs haunt museums
Dinosaurs 4 - In which Dinosaurs envy Dragons
Dinosaurs 5 - In which Dinosaurs anticipate the apocalypse
Dinosaurs 6 - In which Dinosaurs threaten to pillage a village
Dinosaurs 7 - I'm not sure what the Dinosaurs are doing exactly here
Dinosaurs 8 - In which Dinosaurs go extinct due to becoming acutely gay
Dinosaurs 9 - In which Dinosaurs mourn being carnivores
Dinosaurs 10 - In which Dinosaurs serve as God's messengers

Alex Storer Sings About Other Things:

Heavy Industry! - In which Christians throws small objects at queers
Heart Infection - In which one's heart becomes infected (by The Milk Solids!)
Ordinary Guy - In which I envy a genius
Boston 1 - In which I think about Boston
Pillow - In which I drive back from San Francisco in a taxi

I've sung about other things, too.  If you remember and want me to put it here, let me know.

Alex Storer Sings About August Strindberg:

I wrote a musical one-act about August Strindberg, everyone's favorite Swedish playwright.  You can watch it here (you will need divx).